The French Property Centre is an English agency helping lovers of France to buy their dream French property. So if you're looking for property in France, let us help you - our service is completely free. Too good to be true? Put us to the test!

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1 Bed. Apartment, Near Saint-Jean-d'Aulps in Haute-Savoie
  • 1 Bed. Apartment
  • Haute-Savoie
  • € 159,000
2 Bed. House, Near ST FLORENTIN in Yonne
  • 2 Bed. House
  • Yonne
  • € 55,000
3 Bed. House, Near réminiac in Morbihan
  • 3 Bed. House
  • Morbihan
  • € 127,200
5 Bed. House, Near NOTRE DAME DU TOUCHET in Manche
  • 5 Bed. House
  • Manche
  • € 129,000
5 Bed. House, Near JUVIGNY LES VALLEES in Manche
  • 5 Bed. House
  • Manche
  • € 160,500
House, Near LES LOGES MARCHIS in Manche
  • House
  • Manche
  • € 43,800

To help you search our property for sale in France you can either choose a region on our map or click the name of the region on the left of the map. You can also click the Search button (top left) where you can search all our property for sale in France by place name or reference number.

3 Bed. House, Near ST SORNIN in Charente For Sale
  • 3 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 0.74 acre
  • Charente
  • Near ST SORNIN
  • € 309,750
16 Bed. Property, Near les eyzies de tayac sireuil in Dordogne For Sale
  • 16 Bed. Property
  • Dordogne
  • Near les eyzies de...
  • € 325,000
4 Bed. Longère, Near ARNAC LA POSTE in Haute-Vienne For Sale
  • 4 Bed. Longère
  • Plot Size: 0.6 acre
  • Haute-Vienne
  • € 258,000
2 Bed. House, Near MALGUENAC in Morbihan For Sale
  • 2 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 0.7 acre
  • Morbihan
  • € 150,000
5 Bed. House, Near MONTBETON in Tarn-et-Garonne For Sale
  • 5 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 0.56 acre
  • Tarn-et-Garonne
  • € 295,000
7 Bed. House, Near ST FORT SUR GIRONDE in Charente-Maritime For Sale
  • 7 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 2.56 acres
  • Charente-Maritime
  • Near ST FORT SUR G...
  • € 659,600

So whether it's to relocate or to buy a holiday home, you get so much more house for your money in France. Consider too the healthier climate, the renowned gastronomy, the wide open spaces, the peace and quiet, the joys of the open road, a safe outdoors life for your children and a safe town-centre nightlife for you!

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