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Occitanie is one of the new French super-regions created in the administrative reorganization of 2016 which saw the previous 22 regions reduced to just 13.

As such Occitanie property offers buyers the choice of all the départements within the previously independent regions of landlocked Midi-Pyrénées and coastal Languedoc-Roussillon.

While the move has undoubtedly streamlined administration and associated costs it has proved extremely controversial. Not only does this particular merger ride roughshod over two very distinct regional identities but it also fails to acknowledge the fiercely independent French Catalans of the Pyrénées-Orientales département who feel closer culturally to Barcelona than they do to the rest of Languedoc-Roussillon - let alone the Midi-Pyrénées!

It is likely to be generations before the French think of themselves as belonging to these new super-regions, old identities cannot be erased and new ones formed at the stroke of a civil servant’s pen.

And from a property buyer’s perspective the changes are a retrograde step as they force us to zoom out and trawl through a larger search area rather than zooming into the smaller previous regions and their départements where we know we want to buy!

You can find all our Occitanie properties by searching the (more specific) previous regions and their constituent départements below (the latter have not been affected by the changes):

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