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If you’re a UK buyer and just want to get to your French holiday home as quickly as possible then Manche property is perfect for you. You may have already had a long drive down to Portsmouth or Poole but if Manche is your destination then you can get your slippers on as soon as you board the ferry!

Once disembarked this green and pleasant land will feel like home from home – just with more space and a more relaxed pace of life.

The cheapest Manche property is found away from the towns and seaside. If you’re looking for a ‘doer-upper’ then it is here in rural Manche that you will find your renovation projects at very reasonable prices.

The most expensive Manche property is found around Granville and Le Mont St Michel. Granville property is highly sought after by Parisiens looking for summer residences; with its beaches, direct trains to Paris and ferry port to the Channel Islands Granville property prices reflect the high demand. Granville also boasts the Christian Dior museum and a renowned sailing school.

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4 Bed. House, Near SAINT POIS in Manche For Sale
  • 4 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 4.77 acres
  • Manche
  • € 143,000
4 Bed. House, Near LES LOGES MARCHIS in Manche For Sale
  • 4 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 811 m2
  • Manche
  • Near LES LOGES MAR...
  • € 139,600
2 Bed. House, Near SAINT HILAIRE DU HARCOUET in Manche For Sale
  • 2 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 137 m2
  • Manche
  • € 38,300
3 Bed. House, Near SAINT MARTIN DE LANDELLES in Manche For Sale
  • 3 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 3 acres
  • Manche
  • Near SAINT MARTIN ...
  • € 287,000
2 Bed. House, Near MORTAIN BOCAGE in Manche For Sale
  • 2 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 1 m2
  • Manche
  • € 33,000
5 Bed. House, Near MORTAIN in Manche For Sale
  • 5 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 407 m2
  • Manche
  • Near MORTAIN
  • € 86,500
2 Bed. House, Near SAINT HILAIRE DU HARCOUET in Manche For Sale
  • 2 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 0.92 acre
  • Manche
  • € 134,200
2 Bed. House, Near BUAIS LES MONTS in Manche For Sale
  • 2 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 933 m2
  • Manche
  • € 107,800

Le Mont St Michel is the second most visited tourist destination in France after Paris, as such Le Mont St Michel property comes at a premium. Do NOT make the mistake of thinking (or worse still saying) that Le Mont St Michel is in Brittany – it is in Normandy and more specifically in the Manche!

If you are looking to buy a gite in Manche then you can afford to be based centrally providing you are not more than 1 hour from the ferry ports. But if you are looking to buy a B&B (chambre d’hôte) and cater for over-nighters and short stays then it’s best to buy near Le Mont St Michel, Champrepus Zoo or the Ange Michel Theme Park at Saint-Martin-de-Landelles to guarantee healthy bookings.

Manche’s already excellent infrastructure has been further enhanced by the construction of the A84 autoroute between Caen and Rennes, a great boon whether you’re heading south or east along the coast up towards Calais.

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