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Central France property offers possibly the greatest variation in property prices of any French region. Don’t forget that the most famous Loire chateaux (Chambord, Chanonceau etc) are administratively not in the Loire region but here in the west of the Centre region. So it is that sumptuous fairy-tale like chateaux and ramshackle renovation projects can be found cheek by jowel in the Centre region.

Indre et Loire property benefits from a mild climate and easy access thanks to Tours airport. Historically the province of Tourraine, this ‘garden of France’ is set amidst exquisite chateaux and Loire vineyards and is probably the most popular tourist area in the Loire valley. No surprise then that Indre et Loire property at the high end of the market can be more expensive than other parts of the region. Its capital,Tours, is a bustling cosmopolitan city with a beautiful historic heart so Tours property is a sound investment on both the domestic and holiday-rental front.

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1 Bed. Property, Near Tilly in Indre For Sale
  • 1 Bed. Property
  • Plot Size: 709 m2
  • Indre
  • Near Tilly
  • € 51,000
Property, Near Chaillac in Indre For Sale
  • Property
  • Plot Size: 0.29 acre
  • Indre
  • Near Chaillac
  • € 51,000
6 Bed. Property, Near La Châtre-Langlin in Indre For Sale
  • 6 Bed. Property
  • Plot Size: 1.43 acres
  • Indre
  • Near La Châtre-Lan...
  • € 278,200
5 Bed. Property, Near Lignac in Indre For Sale
  • 5 Bed. Property
  • Plot Size: 5.06 acres (2.05 ha)
  • Indre
  • Near Lignac
  • € 265,000
2 Bed. Property, Near Tilly in Indre For Sale
  • 2 Bed. Property
  • Plot Size: 0.42 acre
  • Indre
  • Near Tilly
  • € 34,000
3 Bed. House, Near CHAILLAC in Indre For Sale
  • 3 Bed. House
  • Plot Size: 0.25 acre
  • Indre
  • € 82,000
3 Bed. Property, Near La Châtre-Langlin in Indre For Sale
  • 3 Bed. Property
  • Plot Size: 304 m2
  • Indre
  • Near La Châtre-Lan...
  • € 31,000
Property, Near La Châtre-Langlin in Indre For Sale
  • Property
  • Plot Size: 0.67 acre
  • Indre
  • Near La Châtre-Lan...
  • € 29,000

With the tourist pulling power of Tours and its surrounding chateaux such as Chenonceau linked with the advent of budget flights, Indre et Loire property has all-year-round rental potential for gite owners. You can still pick up cheaper homes at the low end of the market but Loches property and Chinon property come at a premium due to their medieval charm.

A close second in terms of tourist numbers, the Loir et Cher is still within easy reach of Tours airport and boasts the jewel of Loire chateaux in Chambord - which even upstages Versailles in its grandeur. Loir et Cher property can be expensive in the capital Blois or in picturesque towns such as Vendome. But Loir et Cher property bargains can be found in ‘La France Profonde’ in areas such as Romorantin-Lanthenay. Here, in ‘deepest France’ Loir et Cher property can be the ideal price and location for those with families looking to relocate or those seeking a peaceful retirement in a mild climate.

The cheapest Central France property can be found in the southern Indre and Cher departments – which together formed the old province of Berry.

Indre property is only a few hours drive from Paris and while it doesn’t have its own airport, those of Tours, Poitiers and Limoges are not far away. Relatively unspoilt by industry or tourism, Indre property offers an authentic French way of life for retirement or second home purposes but not good rental potential. To its west is the Brenne ‘parc naturel’ or ‘land of a thousand lakes’ and Brenne property has niche rental possibilities for hunting, fishing and birdwatching enthusiasts. A premium is to be paid on Châteauroux property as this is the administrative and cultural capital of the department.

Cher property is equally accessible from Paris but is further away from other airports and prices can reflect this. Bourges property offers long-term rentals to city workers while tourist hotspots like Apremont-sur-Allier and Sancerre offer Cher property with good rental potential, the latter catering to afficianados of its famous white wines.

Eure et Loir property prices are influenced by the close proximity of Paris in whose extended commuter belt the area finds itself. Paris’s two airports - with their low-cost flights from the UK - ensure that there is healthy demand from UK buyers too. Eure et Loir property commands good rental potential in tourist towns like Chartres, Chateaudon and Norgent le Rotrou.

Loiret property is also within easy commuting distance of Paris and the area attracts tourists in its own right - in particular to the region’s capital Orléans, with its associations with Joan of Arc. So it is that Loiret property has a very healthy rentals market for both long and short term lets.

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