Building Plots and Self Builds in France

When buying property in France the refrain from the professionals is always ‘location, location, location,’ – well why not take this to its logical conclusion? You can choose the perfect location for you and then build the house of your dreams there!

On these pages you will see building plots throughout France; some will already come with a ‘certificate d’urbanisme’ or CU which gives you permission to build there. If the plot doesn’t come with a CU then make the purchase conditonal on receiving it by inserting a ‘condition suspensive’ (get-out clause) into of the ‘compromis’ (preliminary contract).

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Plot, In Sariac-Magnoac in Hautes-Pyrénées For Sale
  • Plot
  • Plot Size: 1.24 acres
  • Hautes-Pyrénées
  • In Sariac-Magnoac
  • € 39,990
Plot, Near VALADY in Aveyron For Sale
  • Plot
  • Plot Size: 0.54 acre
  • Aveyron
  • Near VALADY
  • € 122,000
Plot, Near CHASTEAUX in Corrèze For Sale
  • Plot
  • Plot Size: 0.73 acre
  • Corrèze
  • € 37,500
Plot, Near CLAIRVAUX D'AVEYRON in Aveyron For Sale
  • Plot
  • Plot Size: 5.49 acres (2.22 ha)
  • Aveyron
  • Near CLAIRVAUX D'A...
  • € 239,000
Plot, Near SANARY SUR MER in Var For Sale
  • Plot
  • Var
  • € 650,000
Plot, Near La Laigne in Charente-Maritime For Sale
  • Plot
  • Plot Size: 700 m2 (0.07 ha)
  • Charente-Maritime
  • Near La Laigne
  • € 56,600
Plot, Near Marans in Charente-Maritime For Sale
  • Plot
  • Plot Size: 500 m2 (0.05 ha)
  • Charente-Maritime
  • Near Marans
  • € 54,500
Plot, Near Champagné-les-Marais in Vendée For Sale
  • Plot
  • Plot Size: 3.09 acres
  • Vendée
  • Near Champagné-les...
  • € 94,033

Normally, when buying residential property in France you pay your 10% deposit sometime between signing the ‘compromis’ and the expiry of your seven-day cooling-off period. However, when buying a plot of land there is no cooling-off period so you will pay the deposit immediately. If outline planning permssion is refused you can withdraw from the purchase, be refunded your deposit and continue searching elsewhere.

Having the CU clause in the contract will also cover you if the DDE (planning office) refuses permission to build on a plot because it is too far from the mains water or electricity networks or too close to buildings housing animals.

Once you’ve got outline planning permission there will be no shortage of tradesmen ready to help you with your self-build (see our Useful Contacts) – just don’t forget to apply for planning permission before you start!

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